Natal Chart Analysis

This consultation provides a general life reading and includes:

  • an in-depth psychological profile
  • your potentials in the domains of life, such as career, health, finances, relationships, family, spirituality
  • important life themes and events along with their timings.

Remedial Measures

Ancient methods specific to your chart that you can use to bring more harmony and light in daily life, thus making your actions more loving and beneficial. These include the use of gemstones, mantras, meditation, yoga practices, colour, herbs, food, prayer, lifestyle changes, charity, and selfless service. These methods help you tune to the inner Spirit and experience more energy, love and joy.

Specific Domain of Life

An examination of one area of life that you want to explore in more depth, such as your career potentials, your life purpose, or your spiritual path.

Relationship Compatibility

A comparison of the natal charts of two people to gain detailed insight into the dynamics of their relationship and its potential for positive and creative living. From this we can see the strength of the bond between two people, the degree of flow of supportive energy between them, and the areas where they bond the most. This study can be applied to all types of relationships including marriage, business, family, or friendships.

Annual Forecast

A discussion of trends during the next 12 months, pinpointing smooth or challenging periods, as well as areas of life that are being highlighted, to help you plan ahead. The annual chart, planetary periods and transits are examined for this purpose. The Annual Forecast can be especially helpful during times of difficulty or confusion, or when important decisions need to be made.

Electional Chart

Time has different qualities and these qualities are beneficial for different types of activity. The time an action is taken or endeavour is started holds within it the seed for its unfolding, just as a birth chart carries the seed for the potential unfolding of one’s life. It is very important to choose a time most suited to beginning your activity in order to ensure a more positive and successful outcome. Electional charts are often requested for marriage, starting a business, starting a journey, initiation, moving into a new home, purchasing land, learning a new subject. The lunar constellations (nakshatras) play an important role in these choices.

Personal Coaching

These are private follow-up sessions to support your tuning to your inner Self and the application of positive practical remedies in daily life. These remedies are based upon the findings of the Natal Chart Analysis and the Remedial Measures consultations.

How do I order a consultation

International Clients

All consultations are available by phone. For international clients who have Internet connection, Edith can be contacted via Skype. (Go to to get a free download of the Skype program.) When you have Skype installed, email Edith to get her Skype contact information.

To Schedule a Reading

  1. Email Edith at to book an appointment for a consultation, stating the type of consultation you are interested in.
  2. Once an appointment has been scheduled via email, there are two payment options:
    • a. Mail a bank draft (address will be provided).
    • b. Pay online through PayPal button below.
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