Self Development

“I consulted with Edith Recht for a Vedic astrology reading in June 2006. I chose Edith both because of her extensive training and qualifications and also because of her personality which exudes both sensitivity and integrity. Edith has a true passion for this area and I sense that she is motivated by a desire to help and educate others toward self development in various aspects of their lives. Edith has been dedicated to her own spiritual path and growth and has much to offer others based on her own experience. I was very happy with the service I received from Edith. During the reading, she provided extensive explanation of the findings and demonstrated sensitivity and keen perception and depth of understanding of the material. Edith was generous with her time and provided me with tools to better understand myself in personal, social and career spheres. I would highly recommend her services to others seeking self development.”  (E.G.)

Changing Your Thinking

“I had a clearer view of who I am – it brought me more understanding of myself and what it is I am good at.  It reinforced some of what I knew about myself and gave me more confidence in myself.  The information was right on – it was a shock to find out exactly about myself from someone else.  The consultation gave me trust in you because the information was so accurate and on-point – I would like to come back again and refer people to you.  Your consultation is something that will change how people will think and help them focus their energy better to get things done.”  (D.M.)

Astrology From The Heart

 “Astrology is how I came to you.  You are a good person.  I would not come to someone if they are only intelligent or skilled, but the person must be good.  I trust you because you do it from the heart and whatever you do, you would be good at.
I want everyone to know about the things that I am learning from Vedic Astrology.  You should let the world know these things, about the nature of time and the planets.  Then we can live better and more effective lives.”  (V.T.)

Instilling Confidence

 “I regularly talk or meet with Edith to get some guidance. And I have to say, she is always very helpful and patient. She devotes her time unconditionally, answers all questions, and definitely instills a feeling of confidence and understanding. The mantras have helped immensely, and I have seen tangible differences in my family relations and problems. The chanting also helps when a feeling of complete hopelessness takes over and gives me the strength to carry on. I am now hoping to manifest some other needs in my life.”  (V.V.)

Spiritual Perspective

“[What was most helpful was] learning about the various factors that may have contributed to a relationship working out or not. Validating my own experience. Edith’s accepting style and spiritual perspective were comforting and I found it extremely interesting and educational.”


“I think yours was 100% accurate – I very strongly believe that!  I had more than six done in Venezuela – none of them were anything like what you did.  They didn’t know what they were saying.”  (J.K.)

Help With Decision-making

“Very interesting to learn about the influences that are affecting life and how it impacts daily decisions. I have a better understanding and it allows me to make decisions in a more informed manner.”  (F.M.)

Skill Plus Manner

“You are a very good astrologer – not only your skill, but also your knowledge and personality.  You have a soft way of speaking the truth and are considerate.”  (Y.I.)


“I would highly recommend Edith as an astrologer and educator. She possesses great ability to communicate and to translate a passion for astrology and other spiritual teachings.”  (E.G.)