The Study of Light

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) has its basis in the Vedas, the ancient Sanskrit scriptures of India, and brings from them a profound understanding of life and consciousness. It is as well intensely practical, providing methods for enhancing life.
Everything in the universe is a manifestation of light and sound. Jyoti means the Divine Light, that which is of God and pervades all of creation. It illumines everything in the universe and thus allows everything to be perceived.
Jyotish is the name given to the study of this light as manifested in the cosmos. It examines the great heavenly bodies such as the planets and stars to determine their positions in the sky and what corresponding effects can be seen in the world and in human life.  Certain planetary combinations and stellar positions allow the light to shine unhindered, while others block this light to varying degrees and are experienced by people as a lack of harmony, pain, obstacle or struggle.

We are a Spark of Divine Light

The Upanishads say that the human is a spark of Divine Light (or Love) encased in five sheaths: the Anna (material), the Prana (vital air), the Mana (mental, emotional), the Vijnana (rational, intellectual) and the Ananda (blissful).
It is our purpose here in this life to allow this spark to grow and illumine the five sheaths as well as the world around.

The Horoscope

A horoscope is a diagram of the planets and stars at a particular moment in time and shows the degree of brightness of light as well as the forces which tend to block that light in the world and for an individual soul.  Each planet is the embodiment of a different vibratory rate and represents different qualities and actions in creation. We can see their affects on the sheaths (physical, emotional/mental, intellectual and causal bodies) of people and how these affect the areas of one’s life such as health, family, finances, marriage, children, career and spirituality. We experience the light as ease and harmony; the blocking of light we experience as pain or suffering.  Both the positive and negative experiences are used by the soul to teach us the importance of connecting to our inner Spirit or Self.  We can then manifest Spirit’s light and truth in our lives.


The present moment is an expression of one’s past actions (karma) as well as holding the seed for the future.  Our actions in the present moment determine the quality of our future experience. If we live in truth and goodness, we burn off negative karmas and create a better future for ourselves and others.

You Are Spirit

All of our experiences are positive in the long run and lead us to understand the great teaching of the Vedas:  that we are eternal, unchanging, infinite Spirit; that we are not the body, but are Spirit.
This Spirit (Atma, God) expresses itself through each person in different ways.  Vedic Astrology helps you to understand your particular nature (dharma, purpose) and the skills you have been given to express this inner Spirit.

The Qualities of Time

Vedic Astrology teaches us that time has different qualities and these support different types of activities.  We can read time with the help of the birth chart, the planetary periods, planetary transits, and the panchang (almanac). These help us choose times that will support and enhance our actions.  This is known as electional astrology.

Remedial Measures

Remedial measures (upaya) are various methods employed by Vedic Astrology to bring more harmony and light in our life, thus making our actions more loving and beneficial.  These methods include the use of gemstones, mantras, colours, herbs, foods, yoga practices, meditation, lifestyle changes, ritual performances, charity and selfless service.  These corrective actions allow us to vibrate with and express the Spirit that flows through all, and which we experience as energy, love and joy.